Fotodiox EZ-PRO Deep Parabolic 48" - Bowens

The Deep Parabolic EZ-Pro series of soft boxes provides beautiful wraparound light and are built for portrait, commercial, beauty, and fashion photographers. They create a classic deep para beauty light that is controllable, with varying degrees of light spread. These soft boxes are lined with high-quality reflective silver material for maximum output. This series of soft boxes offers a great solution for location photographers that require quick and easy setup when travelling.

These soft boxes feature a collapsible umbrella-like structure with heavy duty rod support. Almost instant setup; open the soft box like an umbrella, snap the speed ring into place on your light and done! Tear down is a breeze too; just remove the soft box from the light and release the umbrella-like mechanism inside (if a grid is attached, remove that first), the softbox collapses with ease. The diffusion panels can be left in place during tear down and storage so your soft box is always ready to use.

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